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What is it really . . . is it referring to the actual content of your marketing efforts? Isn’t that pretty much the same thing that you’d put in an ad?  Content is content is content!

No . . . not really.


Think back to the old days (not necessarily the “good old days”) when efforts to promote a product consisted of advertising and P.R. (That’s right; Public Relations.) And, PR at that time was the key to a product’s success – and any “free” mention of the product on broadcast or in print was worth far more than the same amount of space (measured by the column inch in print media) of an expensive print ad.  And getting the product into a TV series or a movie was an “epic” achievement, worth far more than any short-lived ad.

The people-power needed to accomplish such successes often reached monumental proportions.

Enter content marketing. Enter also a dynamic young man, who might be considered a miracle worker (with due respect to Anne Sullivan) – Joe Pulizzi, who is considered by many to be the world’s foremost expert on this relatively newly recognized marketing activity that he calls “Epic Content Marketing.”

Last week, dmaDetroit was fortunate to have Mr. Pulizzi give luncheon attendees a very complete treatise on content marketing, beginning with some efforts that were not recognized as marketing at all – just friendly, helpful communications to then current customers.

An exceptional example of just such an effort is a publication entitled “The Furrow,” a magazine devoted to farming and farming solutions.  Was it successful? Very successful.

“The Furrow” has been published since 1895 (yes; that’s eighteen ninety-five) and today it’s the largest circulated farming magazine in the world; going to 1.5 million farmers in forty countries.

“The Furrow” wasn’t and still isn’t just a brag piece – it’s designed intent is to keep farmers informed of new techniques in farming, along with solutions to specific problems that farmers encounter.  It quickly became a “must have” publication, and it reliably arrived on time.

“Zero Moment of Truth” is a strong content marketing effort by none other than Google.  Featuring compelling research results, Google’s content is referred to in many marketing speeches around the world.

Continuing with the hi-tech theme, content marketing manifested itself to the “future techies” in the LEGO Club Magazine for nearly thirty years; targeting talented upcoming engineers and imagineers.

There are no barriers involved with content marketing.  Skillful users include such entities as Red Bull (yes the energy drink; they call theirs the “Red Bulletin”), “OpenView” Venture partners (funding for technology entrepreneurs); “River Pools & Spas” just attracted nearly 100,000 unique visitors to its blog site in just one month. It goes on and on.

The list ranges from Kraft Foods, Proctor & Gamble (“P&G”), Ameritrade, and Lifetime Fitness.

And, a long line of publishing vehicles; i.e.; social media, blogging, captive magazines, newsletters, websites – any medium that contains and delivers some helpful, interesting or necessary information targeted to your audience, your customers, your prospects.

But what’s the common thread in what these organizations are doing?  Each of their content marketing is targeted at a specific audience, reliably consistently delivered, and the content is compellingly original, or curated.  Truly an Epic way to attract and retain customers.

Curated? Whatzat? you ask. Curating is a tactical effort to find, organize and share the very best and most relevant content on a specific topic (no matter where you find it) and include it in your content marketing activities, giving appropriate credit when necessary.

Such methodology, in addition to your efforts will give your audience information and assistance far beyond what you might be able to do by solely creating your own content. 

That approach is not unlike what is used by notable publishers such as the Huffington Post or The Wall Street Journal.

The most wonderful thing about Epic Content Marketing is that it works.  The practice is recommended highly, by all who use it, and there’s are two amazing sources of information you can use to get started, tailor your efforts, maintain your program and improve the content – and therefore your results. The quickest is to visit Joe Pulizzi’s website; Slideshare.net/juntajoe and the second is his amazing new book; “EPIC CONTENT MARKETING” (you can order it on his website!).

You’ll soon be able to tell a different story – break through the clutter – and win more customers, by marketing less!

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